Overwatch Anniversary Event Is Here

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Overwatch events are one of the biggest content updates which players love and enjoy. They happen every other month or so, bringing new game modes and new cosmetics. The latest update to hit the current patch of Overwatch is the Anniversary Event. This event is probably one of the most anticipated events every year. Why is this, you ask?

Above: Mei and D.Va Anniversary Skins
Image Source: Forbes

The Anniversary event features a lot of new cosmetics and is considered to have one of the best choices of skins that are added to the game. Blizzard put a lot of time and effort into their skins, there is no doubt about that. However, it feels as though the Anniversary skins are always some of the best skins that are released compared to all the other events. This could be because of the fact that there really is no boundary when it comes to the design of the skins and there is no running theme, unlike the other events.

The Anniversary event usually lasts around three weeks and brings us a double xp event too. Asides this you are able to unlock all skins from any event. The event will be lasting until mid-June so get grinding for those Loot boxes!

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