Overwatch League Grand Final To Host In Philadelphia

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With the huge success of the Dallas Fuel home game, there is no surprise that there are much bigger plans coming to the future of the Overwatch League. Home and away games have been a very much anticipated feature coming to the Overwatch League, not only does it add much more anticipation for the teams going head to head it also allows fans who may have not been able to see the games live have the opportunity to do so.
On the 28th April, Dallas Fuel hosted the first home games of the Overwatch League, which surprisingly saw more success for the team than usual. Not only that but it was a sold-out arena and many fans thought it was a lovely addition to the League. In previous months, it was announced that Philadelphia Fusions would be building their own arena. As construction went on the official announcement of the Fusions arena was made, it was anticipated that the arena would be finished in 2020. Yet hopes for a home game in Philadelphia in 2019 aren’t over just yet as ESPN Esports made a report on the matter.

Above: London Spitfire Barclays Center Grand Final
Image Source: am New York

Within the report, it stated that Blizzard Entertainment has plans to host the 2019 Overwatch League grand finals there. And that there are meeting in progress with the team’s owner, to host the finals at the Wells Fargo Centre, this centre is operated by Philadelphia Fusions parent company Comcast spectator.
Last year the grand finals of the Overwatch League were hosted at the Barclays Centre which is located in New York. This centre seats around 11,000 people and throughout both days of the final was sold out for the competition. The coming home games of 2019 we are expecting to see are in Atlanta, which will be hosted by the very popular newcomer team Atlanta Reign. And the other being Los Angeles, by the LA Valient hopefully bringing them some better games than what we have seen this season.
Overall, it seems that the home games are pretty popular among fans when it comes to the Overwatch League, so there wouldn’t be any surprises if the finals are to host in Philadelphia.

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