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Above: Overworld Esports Gaming, Farnborough, The Meads Shopping Centre

Image sourceDart Frog Gaming

We visited this magical gamers realm in their prebuilt stages and we’ve got to say, it looks amazing already! There are rows of Xbox’s, PlayStations, a VR room, an over 18s section and so much more yet to be added. There’s going to be a tuck shop, a chill room for when you rage quit (which I’ll definitely be doing) and an abundance of eateries within walking distance.

In the town of Farnborough, Hampshire, there aren’t that many places to go for gamers/lovers of the gaming world. There are stores that sell games but when it comes to gaming cafés, sports lounges or anything under £10-£20 for the youth to do, the choices are a bit slim without a bus or train ride away. Overworld is a well-executed hub for the lost wanderers of Farnborough and nearby towns. The vibe is so welcoming and the owners go above and beyond to think of ways to keep everyone, of all ages, happy. And isn’t being happy what it’s all about?!

Above: Fortnite set-up at Overworld

Image Source: Dart Frog Gaming

So whether you love to play Fortnite, Call of Duty, or any other main Esports game, there’s always a space for you at Overworld! The launch date is January  26th at 5pm so come on down to Overworld Esports Gaming, Farnborough, The Meads Shopping Centre and GAME ON!

Written by Stephanie O’Connor – Associate Writer, Dart Frog Gaming 

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