PUBG Banned In Iraq

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It is a very controversial topic whether video games have an impact on people’s mental health, recently it was announced that Iraq seem to say that a portion of them do. The popularity of video games in not only Iraq but across the world has grown substantially over the coming years. Gaming being more popular than ever there is no surprise that there is some negative press that surrounds gaming as a whole.

It was announced that Iraq would be banning several popular games; this includes one of the biggest games of all time Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

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Player Unknown’s Battleground is a popular battle royale game, which was developed and published by PUBG Corporation. This corporation is a subsidiary of a South Korean video game developer called Bluehole. The game released back in 2017, this was when battle royale game modes started trending and becoming very large. This was back in the year that Fortnite was released and the was huge competition and comparison between the two games.

The game is a larger-scale last man standing deathmatch, where 100 players will battle it out to be the last alive. There are 3 different match types: solo, duo and squads, within the game you must pick up gear and battle other players to become champion.

However, the government of Iraq has announced that these games are harmful to society and a potential national security threat. Which means that PUBG and several others won’t be playable in Iraq.

Could this be just the beginning of a wave of bans in Iraq? Or is this justified from the type of content that the game contains? With the popularity of games only increasing there is more and more chance that several bigger names may be put under scrutiny in the future.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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