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Fran Beauchamp by Dart Frog | 0 Comments | April 30, 2019
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Author: Lottie Dixon
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Masangsoft began to cast the ability Rez! Looks like RaiderZ isn’t the only word beginning with an R and ending with a Z. RaiderZ is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Developed by now korean developer MAIET Entertainment. As of July 14, developer was listed as Masangsoft. But, was published in North America by Perfect World Entertainment in 2012. As well as being shut down as of July 2015, Masangsoft has been looking into RaiderZ for sometime and has hinted at revamping the game as of November 9th. Sadly, no release date or any source on progression yet. RaiderZ was a free to play game, and with no monthly subscription either. This was because of the via in game store that was currency of real money. Lastly, much like other MMORPGs, RaiderZ has a good vertiy of customization also with 5 classes. The classes are your Defender, whom was a tank that wore heavy armor. You have your two damage roles, or known as DPS. Which were Assassins and Berserkers. Assassins used of one handed swords or daggers and wore medium armor. Berserkers have two handed sword, and wore heavy armor. You have your range damage, which was a Sorcerer. Also with the use of light armor and staffs of course. Lastly, our healing class was a Cleric. They were healers with the use of staffs or maces, and wore more of heavy armor.

With gameplay similar to Monster Hunter, the plot takes place in a kingdom of Rendel and that is being plagued with malevolent creatures. Like any other MMORPG, the game offers features such as guilds, questing, dungeons, crafting, and player versus player. Throughout the game, I experienced the use of crafting from start to finish. You craft items, upgrades, gear, and even mounts. How crafting is it’s zone based, that means that certain mats in areas will craft the leveled gear in that area. When doing upgrades a useful tip is to remember just in any other MMORPG, you add onto a base item. Crafting items are bounded, making the in game market more in demand for mats (term: materials/items to make said item). Lastly as well as the appropriate recipes since they are not bound.

As well combat is much like Tera, Blade & Soul, or Dragon’s Nest. This introduces a non-target combat system and this is more skill to aim and land attacks manually. As well as the game is probably the most interactive game with it’s surrounding I have yet to play. Even in combat, players are able to break the limbs of the very monsters or bosses they are fighting, and use them against them. Some limbs may grant the use of spells or short term abilities. Action combat blends gameplay features similar to world bosses in World of Warcraft (WoW). With the use of the third party function, this allows players to actively join the fight without a use of a party like in WoW or other MMORPGs. But, for dungeons there is use for a party or solo.

Lastly, if you’re into role-playing you will love this feature of RaiderZ. Players can learn to use musical instruments, through a quest line that would combine the instruments upon completion. Instruments such as guitars, violins and flutes can be purchases and played from vendors after completing their first quest to unlock them.

Hopefully with the help of Masangsoft, RaiderZ wouldn’t be seeing anymore Zzz’s!

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