Should The Gjallarhorn Return?

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With Destiny 2 falling back into the Meta of games streamed on Twitch. With not only old enemies getting revived but players too. It seems like in September with the release of Shadowkeep the game is going to spike and blow our socks off. But what does this mean for the faithful Destiny players? Some players have stayed with Destiny since the release and have forked out a lot of money to pay for expansions and annual passes alike.

Bungie should look at bringing some of the most loved Exotics back into the game. To reward fans of the franchise who really know what they are talking about when it comes to the original D1 guns. Cross-save, free-to-play and choosing expansions really are something to be excited for if you are new to the game. But original Destiny players are sat on the edge of their seats when it comes to hearing about some classics making their way back.

The excitement that surrounded the return of the Exotic Rocket Launcher, Truth really was the key to a lot of Guardians hearts. This rocket launcher, let’s just say it was best you didn’t experience what Truth was like in Destiny 1. Can’t see an enemy, no problem! With the Truth it can track enemies you can’t even see. In all seriousness though, having nostalgic weapons come back into the game really does connect the original Destiny player with the core of the game.

With this in mind, I decided to interview some of the Destiny 2 community to see which Exotic they would like to see make a return in this Destiny 2.

The Hawkmoon is popular classic which was a favourite with many Destiny 1 year one players, it was an Exotic handcannon, Sky said this “Hawkmoon because of the glory time it had with the one-shot headshot kill.” I think a lot of people will agree with the Hawkmoon making a return into the Destiny universe, with some buffs please too Bungie!

Alongside the Hawkmoon, an avid Destiny player named Leo, told us the gun which he would want to see returning to the Destiny universe. Gjallarhorn. It’s the most iconic gun in the whole game, it looks amazing, it has an amazing perk of wolf pack rounds and on top of all that it’s either when it shoots or when the pack rounds appear you can faintly hear a wolf howling which is an amazing bonus.”

The Gjallarhorn by no doubt, is one of the most popular Destiny 1 guns. It is a rocket launcher which had some epic perks to make it a must-have in your set up. Not only that, after year 1 of Destiny, the Gjallarhorn was brought back in a nerfed state, people also considering this a balanced state, with the release of Rise of Iron. Fingers crossed; we can see this Rocket Launcher making its way to the Destiny 2 universe sometime soon.

Berry is a Destiny player who has played on and off for years now, he agreed with Gjallarhorn making its way back into the game. However, suggested another which some may question. Dragon’s Breath, my first The Dark Below Exotic. The way they reworked Dragon’s Breath in D1 was really cool, literally setting the floor on fire. It would be interesting to see if Bungie can change the pve meta with a damage over time effect rocket launcher like Dragon’s Breath.”

Although it was a fun an exciting gun to use, it didn’t really offer much that other good exotics could, in fact it often got outshined by them. But with Bungie adding new roles and perks to returning and existing Exotics, don’t count it out that the gun won’t return.

We know most of the weapons making a return right now to the Destiny universe, however with Shadowkeep and the next year of Destiny, it is still up in the air. For now, we can only hope and wish to see some of the classics make their way back!

What was your favourite Exotic back in Destiny 1?

Content creator – Jessica Clarke – Dart Frog GG

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