Sony Patent Gyroscopic Chair

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Gaming is developing at a rapid pace, more and more features are coming to games, which players didn’t even think was possible. From VR to having no system at all with the Google Stadia. It was now announced that Sony has filed a Patent for a chair, but this isn’t just any chair. The chair is gyroscopic which means that it is capable of rotating a player’s entire body. This relates to the VR movement that we have seen in the past years.

Above: Gyroscopic chair
Image Source: Allgamers

How the chair would work is that, the seat would detect the environment the player is in and facing which then would rotate to show movement within the VR. The intention of the system also is to detect the direction the users face is in as well as display the correct images “reduce the user’s sense of discomfort due to discrepancy between the real space and the virtual space”

This seat sounds like something that may cost a pretty penny which you would see more in a theme park, rather than in someone’s house. The inventor of the chair isn’t new to Sony as in 2016 they published two papers on using the PS Vita reverse touchpad, the inventor is named Yoshikazu Onuki.

This seems a far fetch from the current releasing PS5, but who knows maybe in a few years we will be seeing this type of chair up for sale.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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