Speculated DMon Skin

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With new events coming soon it means new speculations, and oh boy do we have some speculation to share!

The Overwatch Anniversary event will be making its way to our screens very very soon. The speculation and hype about the skins we will be seeing this year is absolutely massive. Blizzard fans won’t be surprised, they constantly bringing us some fantastic skins. The reason for the furory amongst the Overwatch fanbase is game director Jeff Kaplans comments.

‘…there will be a D.Va skin, that will break the internet.’

Social channels are awash with speculation with players linking the skin which we will be seeing to other games. Much like seeing the Demon Skin from HOTS. We don’t think thats it, not every Overwatch player will be excited by a HOTS skin.

Above: D.Mon Fanart
Image Source: Dexerto

The skin that we’re predicting is a character swap!

There, we’ve said it!

For Jeff to make a such a statement implies it has to be out of the ordinary and not just a normal reskin.

What would make people really react? Perhaps if they actually changed the character…but who would suit the part of D.Va?

D.Mon is a character that we have heard whispers about. Michael Chu made reference to her on Twitter along with her being in the Shooting Stars, D.Va animated short. Players are clamouring to see D.Mon introduced as a character in game.

Jeff brushed over why we wouldn’t be seeing her yet, as character silhouettes are key in Overwatch. Knowing a character without seeing the full detail of them is key to character design. D.Mon and D.Va would have too similar character silhouettes for her to be in the hero roster. So, making a character swap skin, would be a terrific idea.

Although this theory isn’t confirmed yet, we will be seeing the D.Va skin that will ‘break the internet’ very soon.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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