Steam Summer Sale Date Leaked

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Another week, another leak. First it was games, then consoles, then skins for Fortnite. Follow that up with leaks about challenges being data mined and it’s beginning to feel like nobody has any secrets any more!

So that leads us to the latest leak to keep your eyes peeled for.

Above: Steam Sales
Image Source: Alphr

Steam Summer sales are one of the most anticipated sales for gamers. Wallets hide in corners from the wave after wave of bargains that make you buy ‘just one more’.

The date being leaked is 25th June, (at 5pm GMT if you want specifics!) just before most peoples paydays! It is expected to end within the first/second week of July ending around the 9th lasting for around 2 weeks.

Whether there is something specific you are after or you’re just after a bargain, get stuck into the Steam Sale. Hit us with your recommendations in the comments, there are some real gems in there! (Edith Finch anyone?)

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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