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Streaming is growing at a rapid rate; it seems that a lot more people want an opportunity to participate in sharing their gaming experiences with others as well as growing a community. You may ask how does that impact your future as someone trying to build a stream? As streaming becomes more and more popular that means the platform you use will be more and more popular meaning it will make your stream harder to be discovered.

Above: the cupcakes stream team page
Image Source: Twitch

What has helped many people grow their stream and community is joining a stream team. Stream teams are really useful when it comes to helping other streamers discover your stream as well as helping viewers who have an interest in the stream team’s community, helping them find other streamers. To enable growth, you must first find streamers you like and learn from them, learn how they interact with people in the community as well as what you feel attracted to when it comes to their stream. Raiding people within a stream team may enable others to show you the support they have been given. Not all stream teams are the same and have the same goals but often people are willing to support you.

A great example of a supportive stream team is The Twitch Bakery, this is a stream team that really cares about their community. The stream team is run by the Twitch streamer Cuppcaake, she is an Overwatch streamer who cares a lot about her community and has a very positive atmosphere. The community and stream team that she has created is to spread positivity.

Our advice to you is to look into joining a stream team, to grow as well as helping to support others!

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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