StreamCon 2019

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With the world of the Esports growing at such a rapid rate, isn’t it expected to see an increase in the number of tournaments and events popping up across the UK? From large Esports events to gaming conventions the popularity and demand for these are to a point where it’s overwhelming.

Heading over to the Metronome in Nottingham for a two-day streaming and gaming convention is next on the agender for fans.

Stream-con is to take place on the 10th and 11th August, the point of this event is to allow streamers and players alike gather and interact with one another. The event involves; networking with peers, entering tournaments, competitions, playing games and streaming together.

There will be a range of tournaments to take part in from big name game titles:

⦁ Fortnite
⦁ Overwatch
⦁ FIFA 19
⦁ Apex Legends
⦁ Rocket League
⦁ Mortal Kombat 11
⦁ Rainbow Six Siege

Druid gaming had this to say about the convention coming to Nottingham,

“Nottingham will put on a great welcome for our gaming visitors in August. We want to show the world what we have here and make this into an annual international streaming convention.”

Growing gaming conventions and tournaments allow bringing the community together, only to have a positive and bright impact on the future of gaming and Esports alike.

What gaming conventions and Esports tournaments are you looking forward to this year?

Content creator – Jessica Clarke – Dart Frog GG

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