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Considered one of the best Pyro’s in Team Fortress 2 many years ago, Sketchek apparently had a terminal illness, later then disappearing from his YouTube channel back in 2015. He returned to his channel on Thursday, where he announced that he faked his death, and that it was just some sick joke.

Above: Pyro Armageddon taunt

Image Source: wiki

He claimed that video games ‘ruined his life,’ that he was addicted yet didn’t want to retire or quit he wanted to ‘go out with a bang.’ He said in his latest video that “About three years ago, I announced that I’d contracted a nonspecific terminal illness’. I want everyone to know that was a lie. It was a sick joke. It was a ruse. I was never ill. Not even a little bit.” Although he wasn’t terminally ill, he did say “You might say that I was mentally ill because I thought it would be fun to convince a lot of people that care about me that I would fucking die,” he added. “But I’ve been feeling really bad about it lately. I can no longer bear the weight of my sins, which is why I’ve decided to come out with the truth and apologize for lying.”

After his supposed death Valve added a tribute to Sketchek in game on the character he was most known for, Pyro. They added a passive to Pyros weapon called Sketchek’s Bequest, this ability granted a speed boost for players who got killing blows on opponents. Although, fans were not sure whether he was dead or not they were pleased on the new addition to Pyros weapon. Sketchek also had a very mixed reaction to the addition of the passive in game where he said “I’m happy that they acknowledged me but I think they only did that because they were convinced, I was ill/dead,” he said in a YouTube comment. “I would prefer they didn’t add it in the first place and I’d like it to be removed soon. I don’t deserve it.”

He claimed that the game had stolen something from him, that’s why he attempted to end his career back in 2015 however, he said that he’s coming back because he misses making content for Team Fortress 2.

He ended his video by saying “I couldn’t really give a (curse word) about the TF2 community at large, but if you have enjoyed my videos, I am genuinely sorry to let you down and I hope I can make it up to you by releasing some newer and better content.”

So, who knows if Sketchek will bring his content back and his YouTube careers, or will his fans be unforgiving of this massive joke.

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