Tfue Suing FaZe

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Turner “TFue” Tenney is considered to be one of the best, if not the best Fortnite player in the world. Strong praise indeed! Especially when you consider that accolade comes from fans, peers and gaming industry professionals alike. The skill that TFue demonstrates is nothing short of incredible. Very few can replicate his abilities and even fewer can do it with the consistency he shows. He’s one of the games top streamers and has a significant presence in not just Fortnite, but the entire esports world.

TFue’s career growth was rapid. Along with his in-game skills he signed for mega team FaZe.

Above: FaZe TFue and FaZe Logo
Image Source: Gamebyte

Clan Wars

FaZe clan had a huge influence in the success of TFue. However, there is a strong belief that he would have made the grade anyway, such is his uncanny ability to deliver the results.

It has been made apparent recently that TFue is looking to sue FaZe Clan over a controlling contract. He says that the contract is very restrictive and that it is limiting his growth opportunities. The rumours of an 80/20 split in revenue share certainly haven’t made them look any less guilty of exploiting the young talent.

FaZe Clan released a statement saying that they tried to renegotiate the contract. Tuner (TFue) wouldn’t have any of it. Making it clear he wanted out of FaZe completely.

This could be a landmark case for the industry as contracts and setups are already under scrutiny. To add controversy, Faze clan captain, Dennis “Cloak” Lepore is partnering with Tfue in the Fortnite world cup.

We’ll be covering and streaming from our site. Assuming as I don’t fall out over my contract with the guys (/jk)

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