The Benefits Of Having A Discord Server

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Discord has reached its’ fourth birthday and its growth shows no sign of slowing. It’s commonly been referred to as the ‘gamers slack’ because of the similarities to the business-based communication app. Discord has taken over the parallel world of streamers and YouTube.

Discord is where gamers can hang out, make friends, share memes, chat and play together.

Above: Discord
Image Source: Discord App
  • Streamers can connect with their community outside of streaming
  • Followers of the streamer can connect directly with each other
  • People can see when a streamer goes live instantly using the @everyone and @here commands
  • Movie nights and game nights are a easy for communities of people to engage with
  • Streamer exclusive emotes and branding are uploaded to personalise the experience

Discord is a great place to help streamers, influencers and friends connect, game and meet new people. As a result, it helps influencers grow their communities.

If you are an influencer or streamer, Discord is the place to be. Learn to use the tools to your advantage.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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