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Above: Philadelphia Fusion vs London Spitfire

Image SourceBBC NEWS

Within the game Overwatch, competitive is a game mode which players can part take in to get given a rank, this rank is supposed to reflect the players skill and effectiveness of working within a team. However, this isn’t exactly the case, a lot of players feel competitive within Overwatch isn’t balanced and that it is unfair to judge someone’s skill based off a team that could be very unreliable.

I asked a group of people within Discord and Instagram to give their opinions on competitive within the game and how it could be improved. Below are their responses;

Lith says ‘The format itself is pretty good, but it’s the players who are the problem, toxicity ruins it. and the addition of some broken comps its near impossible to enjoy if you are not a full stack.’

It is very hard within a competitive environment to find a full team that all want to try and win, some people give the opinion that if I purchased the game I can play or act how I want in the game, it doesn’t matter on whether it affects the team.

Another opinion given by Alex says; ‘I’d say despite a lot of the hate towards it, there isn’t really a lot that can be done to improve it, as above the majority of the problems with competitive are just down to the attitudes of teammates. I don’t solo q because I hate having to deal with random players, so I only enjoy competitive when I group up with people who we can put together a good comp with as more of the people that just played it casually have filtered out of the game. I think it has left a higher proportion of the player base as the people who take it very seriously, so toxicity is more frequent because of that but then again it’s never exactly been a toxicity free environment (also, ban Doomfist)’.

Above: Player leaving match

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Again, this opinion shines a light on how toxicity is rapidly killing the game, people who once loved competitive now do not even play due to this negativity. The comment of ‘ban Doomfist’, if probably a 50/50 opinion across players, yet it shows that in recent times Blizzard are adding heroes that are not balanced in the players eyes, some are either massively overpowered or the opposing.

Jack.viegas14 an Instagrammer says ‘It needs some kind of role system, some way to make team comps more fair’

Roel goes onto say that ‘It’s a pretty good game mode but I think they should add cross platforms so ps4, Xbox and pc players can play together. It isn’t hard to make (I think) and it would make it a lot more fun’

Although I agree cross platforms would be an interesting concept, the skill variations between PC players and console players is quite vast. Anyone on the platform of PC will immediately have an advantage due to them being able to do mechanical plays someone using a controller wouldn’t.

UAE says ‘Smurf’s which throw ruin the game for sure’

An Instagram gamer & twitch streamer Mikehealsyou says that ‘Definitely needs improving, most of bronze/silver is smurfs’

Smurfing (the way in which a higher skilled player goes into a lower Elo than they belong/ usually using another account. Just to out skill their opponent, this is usually done because it is considered fun) this is a wider issue across console as accounts are free and easy to create, a smurf could be in a lot lower game than they belong because they are on a different account, they could be more mechanically skilled meaning that the enemies are more likely guaranteed the loss and the teammates win unfairly. 

Above: Torbjorn / A smurf edit (meme)

Image source: Zylbrad – YouTube thumbnail

I think we can see that a lot of the player base doesn’t think competitive Overwatch is in a good place, the developers of the game see this however says it will take time to make improvements. Yet the competitive system has been a wreck since near launch, how long will players have to wait to see some change?

Written by Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer Intern for Dart Frog Gaming            

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