The Steam Grand Prix Controversy

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The Steam Summer sales are back at it again, but this time has Indie game developers a little concerned for their future. We all must agree that the Steam Summer sale is one of the most anticipated sales for gamers. Giving the opportunity to grab a bargain is an offer most players cannot refuse.

But followed with the sale came a backlash when announcing the Steam Grand Prix. Earning rewards and spending money in the sale gives the player a chance to win a game on their Wishlist. Sounds like sunshine and rainbows, right?

Above: Deleted Games From Wishlist’s On Steam Since The Announcement Of The Steam Grand Prix
Image Source: PCgamer

The confusing issue to do with the Steam Grand Prix is yet to be cleared up. Many customers are deleting all games on their Wishlist’s thinking that it will lead to a higher chance of them winning the game that they want. Why is this bad for Indie game developers you may ask?

Wanting to get more bangs for the buck is what is going through every customer’s mind on Steam right now. Deleting the lower price, not so well-known games, then adding AAA games is the way to go. Meaning thousands of Indie developers are losing out on potential game sales, due to the chance of winning a more ‘expensive’ game.

The way the Steam Grand Prix works is not like this, meaning you will win the ‘most wished for’ game on your Wishlist, comparing it to statistics from the Grand Prix. So, any Indie game you have in your basket doesn’t mean you may lose out on a triple-A title. With the confusing small print, Indie developers are rightfully concerned. Let’s hope Valve will clear the air with the current confusion.

What games are on your Wishlist this year, for the Steam Summer Sales?

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