Unvaulting Issues In Fortnite

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When an exclusive event happens in game, you try your hardest to be able to be available for it right? Well what if you were available but a glitch meant you couldn’t play the event; how would you feel about that? Some Fortnite players were left devastated as a glitch meant that some of them were not able to access the in-game Unvaulting event. There was a vote which allowed players to bring back an item into the item pool, from the vault where it was placed last year.

The vault is a place where Epic put weapons and objects that have no place in the current games. Items that we have seen enter the vault, one being smoke, Epic Games say that the smoke grenade just seemed a little underused and not suited the current game. Others included the lock on rocket launcher which players complained about for the longest time, saying that it is very over-powered. These items that are put in the vault are often left never to be added to the game again, or reworked to make them more usable or fairer.

Above: Arcana Glider
Image Source: Pro Gamer Guides

The Unvaulting event brought back the drum gun after it was placed in the vault last year. However, some players were not able to access the event and that they were investigating the problem that occurred. Epic Games didn’t stop there though, as an apology they issued a glider worth 1,200 V-Bucks which comes to around £9.00 for anyone that was in the unvaulting playlist for the event, regardless of whether they missed the event or not.

They didn’t stop there, to make it fair they said they’d also be issuing a V-Bucks refund to anyone who purchased the glider. Not only that, but Epic Games also announced they would be adding replay files to watch of the event from within the Fortnite client.

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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