What Do Gamers Think Of The E3 Announcements

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With the latest games being announced at E3, Project Scarlett and even new graphics cards. There is no surprise that the gaming community is excited about what is coming. Whether it is remastered, sequels, or outright new games, there is something for everyone. Here is a list of what games are releasing that you definitely should be excited about:
⦁ Cyberpunk 2077
⦁ Halo Infinite
⦁ Ghostwire: Tokyo
⦁ Deathloop
⦁ Watch Dogs Legion
⦁ Elden Ring
⦁ Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
⦁ The Outer Worlds
⦁ Baldur’s gate 3
⦁ Doom Eternal
⦁ Darksiders
⦁ Outriders
⦁ Avengers Game
⦁ Evil Genius 2
⦁ Sniper Elite VR
⦁ Dying Light 2
⦁ Borderlands 3
⦁ Gears 5
⦁ Control
⦁ Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
⦁ Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
⦁ FIFA 20
⦁ Rainbow Six Quarantine
⦁ Judge Dred

With all the excitement surrounding the games releasing, we wanted to ask the gaming community what they are most excited for and why.

Above: Cyberpunk 2077
Image Source: Polygon

‘What is the game you are most excited for that has been announced recently?’

Gale is an avid gamer, who loves to play Overwatch and GTA V, he told DartFrogGaming the game he is most excited for is ‘Rainbow Six Quarantine because I really enjoy siege and I generally enjoy pve games. Also Watchdogs legion because the premise is cool, the developers have put a lot of work into it and everyone is British.’

Alex is someone who often plays a variety of online games and single players games, he told us ‘Borderlands 3 is the only game I’m properly excited for, as a long-time fan of the series it’s something I’ve been looking forward to for years. Now I’m super hyped for the release of the expansion for BL2 to bridge the gap too, I’m super hecking excited to finally get new content for my all-time favourite franchise.’

Dr plays a lot of competitive games, but he finds it fun to relax and take a break, ‘L E G O. S T A R. W A R S (you can see the excitement just from how he typed it!) I get play it with my little sister in co-op mode.’

Laura told us ‘Gears of War 5 because I’ve play the campaign with my little brother and I’ve played Gears of War since the first one came out. The story is linked through all the games so playing the new ones are fun because we learn new lore about the game.’ Although Laura loves to play Destiny, it seems that she is excited for the announced Gears of War 5, it looks like Destiny will be taking a back seat.

Another person who is looking forward to the release of Borderlands 3 is Berry, he often talks about his love for the franchise. So, there was no surprise that he was overwhelmed when he heard about the release of the coming game, ‘Borderlands 3, I’ve been waiting for the sequel since I finished my first playthrough of Borderlands 2 which was ages ago. Cyberpunk 2077 looks great as well, and I can’t wait to see more gameplay of it.’

It seems that there is a variety of games which has piqued a lot of gamers interest from the Discord. Our personal favourite which will be releasing in 2020 is the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. This is due to the fact the Lego games that release is always fun and enjoyable not only to play alone but with your family too. I remember playing the original Lego Star Wars game, back on the PlayStation 2, it was some of my most cherished memories I’ve had of gaming.

What games are you looking forward to after the announcement of the games at E3?

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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