What Games To Grind This Year?

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Choosing a game to dedicate hundreds of hours on can be pretty difficult. From being hesitant to invest hours into a game which won’t pay off in the long run is always a hard decision to make. What kind of games are good to dedicate time into, from games which expect a lot of grind or to platinuming a story game there is a lot of time that can be invested into certain games. But where to start, we are here to help list and support you when it comes to finding the right game.

Above: Shadow of Mordor
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Competitive games – Overwatch is an FPS, First Person Shooter (yet has similarities to a MOBA). The game has a casual and competitive aspect it. Not only that there are more than 30 heroes that you as the player can learn and enjoy. Overwatch is a game that requires many hours to master. From learning different characters, to understanding how the game works in its entirety. Casual players are not required to put as much time into the game; so Quickplay and Arcade are modes which these types of players will enjoy. However, if you are looking to grind Overwatch then head over into Competitive mode. This game mode is where most of the hardcore players spend their time. Grinding to different ranks, trying to get better at the game, as well as wanting to learn how to communicate with others while in a competitive environment are the different ways you can improve yourself in the game.

The ranks in Overwatch start at Bronze and end at Grandmaster, there is the chance to earn Top 500 this is the top 500 players of the region (it doesn’t matter their rank). Grinding skill rating (SR) can be pretty frustrating however can pay off when you eventually reach the rank you want. Rewards for winning competitive games gives you competitive points, with 3000 of these will enable you to purchase a golden gun. Competitive mode only gives you comp points, with the cost of these being 3000 and there being more than 30 heroes this is a lot of time and dedication to put into a game. Other games that have similar aspects are great games to invest time into. Especially with games that have a competitive mode, it means that if you are able to become really good at the game you have a chance to become a pro player, who doesn’t want that?

If you don’t want to invest your time into grinding a competitive games, there are others that really require a lot of time.

Grinding Games – Destiny 2 is a great example of a game which features grinding aspects that allows the player to invest many hours into the game. Nothing in this game is a quick and simple task, in fact there are 100’s of different activities to do within the game. Although there initial story mode of the game seems relatively short once you’ve finished that then comes the grind. Grinding to different power levels by trying to get certain weapon drops. As well as grinding to get different roles on guns, finishing side quests, raiding, grinding ranks in PvP. There are lists of things to do in Destiny, the expected amount of time you can put into Destiny 2 is around 100hours however, there are people with thousands of hours in the game. The game constantly receives updates as well as expansion passes and DLC’s which are available to purchase. If you have the money and want to invest the time, a game like Destiny is worth the hours you could potentially put into it. Another game similar to Destiny, which is free-to-play is Warframe.

Platinum Trophies – Getting the Platinum trophy is a little different to suggesting games you can grind as it really depends on what games you like to play as well as what games peak your interest at the time. Going for trophies in a game lets you explore and look at the game with a different perspective. You can see aspects of the games that you’ve missed or overlooked. Games that we enjoyed enough to platinum are; Arkham Knight, Assassins Creed Syndicate, Shadow of Mordor, GTA V. These games are classics and allow you to enjoy the game in different ways. My personal favourite to play was Shadow of Mordor, this was down to the fact that I love the Tolkien Universe. Getting all of the trophies for games you enjoy, is a long grind but it is rewarding at the end of all of it.

The games we have suggested are great games that you can put many hours into and grind. Let us know what games you can play for hours and enjoy none stop!

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Written By Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer at Dart Frog Gaming

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