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It seems the Arena World Championship, otherwise known as AWC and the Mythic Dungeon international are making its way back to the stage with a bigger prize pool!

Above: A visual representation of the Arena world championships finals

Image Source: Blizzard

This prize pool is all down the portion of sales of the two new toys. There will be two Arena seasons for both NA and EU, with 6 cups per season. Throughout each cup we will see teams compete in their share of the $10,000 prize pool (USD), as the number of cups has risen this means that there are more chances to win. Cups award points, meaning the top 4 teams with the most points per season from both NA and EU will be able to battle it out for the $100,000 (USD) prize. The first cup begins on the 8th February 2019, but sign ups end on the 28th January, 10 a.m. PDT.

Sign Ups for Korea, Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau, Australia/New Zealand, China, and finally Latin America will start later this year, there cup will run on a similar ruleset as the Arena World Championship.  

The finals will commence at the end of the year; 1st place from EU and NA season one, 1st and 2nd place from NA and EU Summer Finals, Top – point earner from NA and EU, and winners from the China, APAC and Latin America Finals will all be invited to the Arena World Championship Finals.

The Mythic Dungeon International will showcase the best dungeon-running teams worldwide, having its name updated to showcase the reach of the event. The MDI will be split into two regions these being MDI East and MDI west, MDI East; China, Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Australia/New Zealand. MDI West; North America, Latin America and Europe.

Above: The Mythic Dungeon International flow

Image Source: Blizzard

Get a team together and prove to yourself that you are legible to participate (if you own a Blizzard account in good standing.) Your team must complete 14 Mythic Keystone Dungeons between February 26th and March 12th and if your team are successful you will be able to enter the tournament realm, creating max level characters, equipped with optimal items and are able to build your talents. If you have gained access to the tournament realm each season you will be able to participate in time trials.

The toys, which a portion will go to the prize pools will go on sale in the spring.

Written by Jessica Clarke – Associate Writer Intern for Dart Frog Gaming 

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